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Whether it’s a planned event, or an emergency power generation situation, we have the people and equipment to ensure all your power generation needs are met.


Distributed Power Solutions serves a global client base to bring turnkey service to the distributed power needs across all industries. We understand the rigorous demands you face in order to keep your operation up and running – and DPS is ready to support you, anywhere in the world your operations take you. Whether it’s utility base loading, engineered micro-grid, bridge power, or an emergency power generation situation, we have the people and equipment to ensure all your power generation needs are met. Our unmatched product support services include design, engineering, installation, and operation. DPS brings the power of a global network, and the expertise and focus of a specialty rental business, to our global customers in order to solve their temporary power generation needs, safely and efficiently.


We are committed to providing unparalleled customer service in distributed power rental by employing extraordinary people, delivering exceptional equipment, and exhibiting unparalleled dedication throughout all aspects of our organization.

Safety at the Core

Safety is a top priority at DPS – and we have built our business around this core principle. In today’s world it’s not good enough to simply talk about safety, it must be part each company’s core business culture and daily operations. We understand our responsibility and we train our people to uphold the high safety standards that our customers and partners require. In addition to providing a culture of safety within our organization, we work hard to ensure that our equipment is properly maintained in order to achieve optimum levels of safety and performance.

It’s more than just a safety compliance issue. We believe in making sure that our customers, our employees, and the communities in which we operate benefit from safe operations – on every job, every day. At DPS, every person on the job, at our locations or in the field, has the authority to stop work immediately if they see a potential hazard.

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Our Rental Power Generation Products


Distributed Power Solutions provides gas turbine generator rentals to a global customer base across multiple industries. The units can be shipped by air, sea, rail or truck and offer rapid setup and superior reliability and operating costs compared to reciprocating units.


Natural gas reciprocating engines, which are typically used for backup, standby or emergency power, are becoming increasingly popular for larger utility-scale power generation applications, especially in areas with high levels of electricity generation from intermittent sources such as wind and solar.


From I-Line panel to manual and automatic transfer switches to transformers and common bus enclosures, Distributed Power Solutions has you covered with the power distribution equipment that you require.