Our Power Turbine Generators and Reciprocating Engine Generators stand at the forefront of energy efficiency and reliability. These advanced systems provide the backbone of your energy infrastructure, offering a powerful and eco-friendly solution to your power demands. Read below for more information about our fleet and capabilities. 



5.7MW SMT-60


2.5MW Centaur 40


5.7MW T-60



The Solar Mobile Turbomachinery (SMT) is the ultimate power solution for oil field power, remote power, and trailer power needs. With unparalleled reliability, it's a game-changer in handling emergencies, like natural disasters, where quick power is crucial. Its compact single-trailer design encompasses a versatile mobile power plant with fuel composition flexibility. Powered by the 5.7 MW Taurus 60 gas turbine generator set, an industry standard, the SMT-60 excels in scalable blocks of power solutions and stands as a leader in dry low emissions with extensive well-head gas fuel flexibility. DOT compliant and boasting swift mobility and deployment, it's your go-to source for clean and temporary power during critical emergency events.


The Centaur 40 Mobile Power Unit offers top-notch turnkey power solutions for meeting your short-term generating capacity needs, ensuring a cost-effective and reliable power supply. Designed as an on-site generating system, it serves as the perfect utility backup power during emergencies, providing the convenience of 24/7 power rentals. Whether you require temporary power solutions or a power generation fleet for your project, the Centaur 40 Mobile Power Unit stands out with its design and engineering support, fast installation assistance, and rental power operations expertise.


The Taurus 60 Mobile Power Unit (T60 MPU) offers a reliable turnkey power solution to meet your short-term generating capacity needs while prioritizing cost-effectiveness and environmental friendliness. Its focus on low emissions, fast setup, and reliable operation ensures a critical power supply during emergencies. The T60 MPU draws from the dependable foundation of the proven Solar® 5.7 MW Taurus™ 60 gas turbine generator set, making it an ideal choice for industries seeking temporary power solutions. The T60 MPU stands ready to provide utility backup power and meet your temporary utility needs.

16.53 MW SMT-130SMT130.jpg

35MW TM2500



Introducing the SMT130, your solution for short-term power generating capacity, combining economical and environmentally friendly features. Engineered for projects demanding fast setup and reliable operation, it draws strength from the proven industry standard, the 23,470 hp (16 MWe) Titan™ 130 gas turbine generator set. With the SMT130, you can count on an efficient and powerful source to meet your power needs with ease.


The TM2500 serves as the perfect baseload bridge to permanent power installations and a reliable backup power source in the aftermath of natural disasters, plant shutdowns, or grid instability. With a comprehensive offering of trailer-mounted gas turbine generator set and containerized balance of plant, it ensures quick power grid integration within just 30 days of contract signature. As a leader in the industry, the TM2500 delivers unmatched power density among gas turbine trailer-mounted solutions, providing a swift and efficient solution to meet your power needs.










The XGC1900 sets the industry standard with its leading fuel efficiency of over 40%, resulting in low operating costs and lower emissions. With maximum performance and reliability, it ensures unmatched power solutions for your needs.


The XQ1475G Natural Gas Reciprocating Generator delivers exceptional power with dependability, fuel economy, and power density. Equipped with a robust kilowatt-based air-to-fuel ratio control system, it ensures optimal performance. Being emissions certified, it meets environmental standards. The generator also offers added safety with 110% secondary containment and features sound attenuation, ensuring quieter operations.


The PM1000 Natural Gas Reciprocating Generator stands out with 100% block load acceptance, offering a world-class ISO container-based electrical generating system. Powered by the reliable Caterpillar G3512 Genset, it provides 480V, 60HZ, and 1000 ekW of power. The generator includes a 120/240 single-phase shore power load distribution panel for added convenience. Being emissions certified and equipped with sound attenuation, it ensures efficient and environmentally friendly operations.


Distributed Power Solutions 1000kW - 2000kW Diesel Generators


Our 1000kW-2000kW Diesel Generators offer reliable and fuel-efficient performance, housed within convenient 40’ ISO containers. These generators are emissions certified to meet environmental standards and feature sound attenuation for quieter operations. With utility-grade switchgear, they provide a comprehensive power solution for various applications.


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