Distributed Power Solutions Awarded Contracts To Provide 290MW Of Baseload Power In Mexico
JUNE 09, 2021

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Distributed Power Solutions (DPS) is supplying baseload power generation for the second year in a row to three sites in the Baja California region in Mexico. For the 2021 peaking season, DPS was awarded 290MW of power generation, up from 90MW awarded in 2020. DPS has mobilized all gas generation technologies available in the market including gas reciprocating engines, gas aeroderivative turbines and gas industrial turbines. Operational as of 1 June 2021, the DPS solution will help supplement the electricity deficits frequently experienced in the region during summer months.


Scott Milligan, President of DPS, commented, “For the 2021 season, DPS was awarded 3 times the capacity we installed last year in Mexico. This increase was largely based on our strong performance last year and ability to provide a turnkey package that resulted in high levels of reliability. This integrated approach allows DPS to provide a higher service level while using a variety of gas generation technologies.”

About Distributed Power Solutions (DPS) DPS provides power generation rental solutions to meet the growing global demand for energy related products and services. DPS’s turnkey rental solutions ensure you are prepared for your planned or emergency utility needs, 24/7/365. DPS is dedicated to the power generation business and has one of the largest equipment rental fleets of turbine and reciprocating engine generators available to meet demand. Our unmatched product support services include design, engineering, installation, and operation to help solve utility needs. DPS brings the expertise and focus of a specialty rental business to our customers to solve their temporary power generation needs.

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