Whether it’s a planned event, or an emergency power generation situation, Distributed Power Solutions (DPS) has the people and equipment to ensure all your short and long-term power generation needs are met. At DPS, we understand the critical importance of reliable and efficient power solutions for businesses across various industries. Our commitment to meeting the global demand for energy-related products and services sets us apart. With a diverse fleet of power solutions including power turbine and reciprocating generators, load banks, and electrical distribution systems, we ensure you're prepared for both planned and emergency utility needs. When you partner with DPS, you partner with an experienced team that is focused on fuel efficiency, turnkey solutions, quick mobilization, and reliability. 

DPS proudly supports a variety of industries, providing customized power solutions to meet specific energy demands. Our expertise extends to industries such as oil and gas, data centers, utilities, mining, cryptocurrency, engineering, construction, production, refining, petrochemical, pipelines, and gas processing.

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DPS has generated over 2 Gigawatt (GW) of power to date and that number continues to climb with each project.



Distributed Power Solutions is a full-service, turnkey power solutions company with 24/7/365 support services. We can take a project all the way from mobilization to demobilization to ensure our customers can focus on their operations. DPS can provide any level of service you require, from the power turbine rental alone to transportation, engineering, design, setup, operator training, and balance of plant such as electrical transformers, electrical distribution, fuel handling, fuel storage, fuel filtration, etc.

Our team has the expertise to ensure power to your project is set up and run efficiently and cost-effectively.



DPS offers flexible, customized solutions to get our customers the best solutions for their project needs. We work with LNG and CNG suppliers to provide fuel-efficient natural gas even when your project does not have access to a pipeline nearby. Our turbine generators can operate on a wide range of gases and a variety of distillate (diesel) fuels. Our preferred fuel is pipeline-quality natural gas (90% plus methane content), but we can also operate on low-energy gaseous fuels (digester gas) and higher-energy fuels that contain heavy hydrocarbons (associated gas).

We provide the most cost-efficient solutions to our customers with industry-leading fuel efficiency and low emissions. This translates to lower fuel and operating costs while improving power reliability for our customers.


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Our team understands that some projects or emergencies require a quick turnaround time. DPS has experience deploying and setting up major power installations in as little as a week with reliable operation. Check out our project profiles to see how our team pulls together to get projects up and running in a short amount of time and sometimes under extreme conditions.


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DPS has both turbine generators and reciprocating engine generators to support many kinds of projects and many different industries. Our fleet is mostly powered by Caterpillar engines which allows us to support customers on a global scale.


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If you're looking for resources and help for your planned or emergency utility needs, we'd love to get plugged in with you. Our trained experts and unmatched product support are at the ready. 




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Utility Summer Peaking Support

Find out how the Distributed Power Solutions team mobilized, installed, and commissioned 50 MW of temporary power in 35 days during a global pandemic and with temperatures over 120°F.