Project Profile: Utility Substation Operation & Maintenance

Utility Substation Operation & Maintenance

Power/​​​​​Voltage: 30MW/35 kV
Equipment: (6) Solar T-60 Turbines, Transformer 35kV 25MVA (25000kVA)

DPS, in collaboration with a local Caterpillar Dealer, successfully executed a groundbreaking temporary power project at a Utility Substation. The initiative involved reserving key equipment such as a 30MVA 13.8kV - 35kV step-up transformer, medium voltage switchgear, and (6) Solar T-60 Turbines to support a data center campus. Our turnkey solution encompassed planning, mobilization, installation, outage management, and de-mobilization for a 72-hour utility maintenance outage. With a power capacity of 30MW at 35 kV, the project aimed to support the end user during a substation upgrade, necessitating a temporary maintenance and operations outage. DPS and the local Cat Dealer were able to install the whole solution in a 2-week timeframe.

Recognizing the absence of a natural gas pipeline, DPS introduced the customer to a virtual pipeline LNG provider, Sapphire Gas Solutions. This LNG solution allowed the customer to mitigate potential environmental fines/impacts by not having to run their backup diesel generators. It also allowed the customer to maintain their industry reliability standard of 99.999%. DPS along with the local Cat dealer manned the site throughout the outage, providing comprehensive engineering support, medium voltage technicians, and turbine technicians. The local Cat dealer sought DPS for expertise in natural gas power solutions, particularly due to space constraints and the need to avoid excessive carbon emissions from backup or primary diesel units.

The project faced significant challenges related to footprint restrictions and the need for precise engineering to adhere to fire lane codes. Overcoming these hurdles involved meticulous preplanning, power-dense technology, and leveraging strong vendor relationships. Additionally, timely procurement of the 35kV transformer was achieved through industry partnerships.

The local Cat dealer and DPS worked in synergy, with the dealer utilizing their vendors for commissioning and procurement support. The collaborative effort extended to managing and executing defined responsibilities, leading to the successful commissioning of the project.

The project's success had a profound impact on the customer, saving them from potential emissions and environmental fines while also maintaining the industry reliability standard of 99.999% uptime. The seamless execution of this project not only met expectations but also opened doors for future opportunities with this dealer.

This project marked DPS's largest off-pipe/virtual pipeline project, delivering all LNG via mobile means. Leveraging our expertise, quick mobilization, and commissioning capabilities, DPS established a 30MW natural gas power plant. The project showcased DPS's strength in engineering, allowing for precise equipment placement within a limited footprint.

The success of the project was a result of the collective effort between our two companies and various teams within DPS, including engineering, medium voltage technicians, turbine technicians, project management, commercial team, leadership, and external contractors/vendors. It truly exemplified an "all hands on deck" approach.

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