Safety is a top priority at Distributed Power Solutions – and we have built our business around this core principle. We understand our responsibility and we train our people to uphold the high safety standards that our customers and partners require.

Our Safety Culture

Our Leadership Team is intimately involved with our safety program and leads by example. By regularly visiting job sites and working alongside our Technicians, the leaders of our organization are thoroughly aware of the day-to-day challenges and risks our Technical personnel are faced with. This allows us to collectively employ the proper components of the Health, Safety, and Environmental (HSE) Management System to ensure our personnel return home each day injury-free.

We hire great people.  Our Management Team thoroughly considers Safety during the interview process.  We understand that experience is important, but a strong Safety mindset exceeds experience any day.

We foster great relationships. The HSE Department has built strong relationships throughout the entire organization. As a result, employees feel comfortable speaking up, reporting Near Miss Incidents, utilizing Stop Work Authority, etc. without retribution or intimidation.

We keep it simple. We have a “Practical” Safety Program.  We don’t overwhelm the business with unnecessary HSE tasks that dilute the effectiveness of the program.

Your Partner in Safety

Safety is a top priority when partnering with Distributed Power Solutions and our historical safety performance speaks for itself. We have an “incident-free” safety culture with a “continuous improvement” mindset.

DPS has existing accounts with ISNetworld, Avetta, SWLA, HASAC, Browz, Construct Secure, Veriforce,  etc., all with exceptional ratings.

Continuous Improvement

Our HSE Team constantly researches regulatory changes to ensure we are in compliance with the most current regulations. We also regularly attend conferences, continuing education classes, and networking events to ensure we are current with regulatory changes.

DPS hosts an annual Safety Conference, where HSE Representatives from across the business attend.  The focus of the Conference is to evaluate the current safety program, analyze trends, discuss challenges, and formulate a plan for the upcoming year.  This is a catalyst for success each year.



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